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How many times have you spent countless hours designing a circuit or product to optimize its function, only to find out later that EMC issues crop up? Or, your meticulously designed product has just returned from a failed EMC compliance test. Your boss is upset at you for the pending costly rework and schedule delays. You're feeling the heat just a little and wondering what to do. Well, you are not alone because we are here to help. As digital circuit clocks reach the gigahertz range, proper circuit layout, component selection, cable configurations, grounding and shielding all become important factors in the successful containment of interference and overall EMC performance. 

To promote good EMC design, we have compiled a few design tips for printed circuit board layout. These design tips are intended to be sufficiently general to address many of the common EMC problems found in high speed circuit design. We have tried to strike a balance between providing a long list of rules with limited explanations or a somewhat shorter list of guidelines with more detailed explanations. We have opted for the latter. The list is by no means exhaustive as it will continue to grow as more information will be added in future updates 


The following EMC tips are provided for general information only and should not be construed as specific engineering advice. Every product is different from the next. The use of this information shall be in conjunction with all applicable safety and product specific standards or regulatory requirements.

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