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 EMC Training Seminar
EMC Overview (One-Day)

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The EMC Overview course is intended to:

  • Introduce basic EMC concepts and terminology
  • Enhance overall understanding and appreciation of electromagnetic compatibility
  • Provide useful and practical EMC knowledge with simplified, easy to understand models to illustrate concepts.

Whether you’re involved in high-speed circuit design or looking for some new approaches to getting your products through stringent EMC tests, this course will introduce you to EMC concepts not normally covered in typical circuit design courses.

Topics covered:

  • EMC background and Trends
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • EMC Basics
  • Noise Coupling
  • EMI Filtering
  • Noise and DC Power
  • Shielding & Grounding for EMC and Safety
  • Practical Printed Circuit Techniques

Who Should Attend:

  • Engineers, technologists and technicians who have not have been exposed to EMC concepts before but want a balanced introduction to the topic
  • Compliance and safety specialists who wish to broaden their understanding of EMC design issues

What some past participants said about this course:

"Liked the practical tips, the theoretical content is also good"

"Good EMC overview with some practical recommendations"

"As an introductory course, it was a complete one"

"Good overview course with lots of theoretical content"


$500 CND per participant

Custom Courses:

We can also develop course material that is customized to your specific requirements. Call us with your special needs.

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